Micronet SP218D Switch  Price in Bangladesh.
Model SP218D
Computer Connections Direct: 8
After Cascade: 120
LED Indicator Red: Live
Blue: Selected
LED IndicatorRed: Live
Blue: Selected
Methods of Control Push button, Hot-key(Scrol-lock/Cap-lock/Num-lock/Alt/Ctrl/Win), OSD
Automatic Scan Interval 5 ~ 99 seconds
VGA Resolution 2048×1560/1600×1200 for cat5-base 500 feet, 1024×768 for 1000 feet 1600×1200 for IP-base remote
Console Connector Video: VGA HDB 15-pin Female,
Mouse/Keyboard: USB
1 x Daisy Chain port
Optional model for CAT5-Based or IP-Based remote
Computer Connector 8 x PC Ports (HDDB-15)
Cable Type 3-in-1 (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard) HDDB-15 connector
Compatible OS PS/2: MS Windows, Netware, UNIX and Linux
USB: iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Micro Systems
Operating Temperature 0~50°C
Operating Humidity 0~95%,
Dimension (mm) 448 x 190 x 44
Weight (kg) 1.825
Power 12V DC, 1A, 2.64Watt
Emission CE, FCC


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