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The Asus series of routers usually ship with Broadcom chipsets, faster processors and more memory than average, removable antennas, and USB ports for expansion. Although Asus’ factory default firmware is generally more feature-rich than its competitors,[citation needed] Open source Linux-based router firmware projects such as DD-WRT,[1] OpenWrt,[2] Tomato Firmware[3] and DebWRT[4] are able to get better performance out of the devices and offer their users more flexibility and customization options. Asus encourages and supports this use and advertises several routers as particularly suitable for DD-WRT [1] including especially the RT-N16 gigabit router. See details on compatibility below. The RT-N13U/B, RT-N12, RT-N10+, WL-520GU and WL-520GC are also advertised as DD-WRT compatible though do not ship with this operating system.


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    Asus ROG Rapture GT-5300 wi-fi Router Price in Bangladesh.

  • 1200Mbps dualband multifuctional wireless router, Concurrrent 300Mbps(2.4Ghs)+900Mbps(5Ghz), GbE LAN x 5, Flash 16MB/DDR3 RAM 128MB, High gain antenna x 4. ASUS RT-AC1200G+ Router Price in Bangladesh.

    ৳ 7,500.00
  • ASUS RT-AC1300UHP AC1300 DUAL-BAND High Power Wi-Fi Router  Price in Bangladesh. 

    ৳ 8,800.00
  • Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band AC3200 Gigabit Wireless Router.Best Router Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 27,000.00
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    ASUS RT-AC51U+ Router Price in Bangladesh.

  • 802.11ac tri-band Wi-Fi router boosts speeds up to 5334Mbps for low-latency online gaming, smooth 4K UHD video playback and extremely fast file-sharing.

    ৳ 30,000.00
  • Asus RT-AC55UHP Router Dual-band wireless-AC1200 gigabit router, IEEE 802.11 ac/b/g/n, Gb LAN Port x4; Gb WAN Port x1 ; 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, Flash 128MB / DDR3 RAM 128MB, 1*USB3.0+1*USB2.0, High gain antenna.Asus RT AC55UHP Router Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 9,000.00
  • 1750Mbps (2.4Ghz-450Mbps+5Ghz-1300Mbps) Dualband
    Multifunctional wireless router, IEEE 802.11 ac/b/g/n, GbE LAN*5, twin USB2.0, Flash 128MB / DDR2 RAM 256MB, Download Master: support up to 15 files downloading simultaneously.Buy ASUS RT AC66U Gigabit Router in Bangladesh

    ৳ 10,500.00
  • Fastest Wi-Fi router, with combined dual-band data rates of 1900 Mbps for three times faster performance than 802.11n routers. ASUS RT AC68U Gigabit Router Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 19,000.00

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    Ultra-fast 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi router boosts speeds up to 3167 Mbps for low-latency online gaming, smooth 4K UHD video playback and extremely fast file-sharing.8 Gigabit LAN ports for extensive connectivity.ASUS RT AC88U Router Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 25,500.00
  • High Power Wireless-N300 3-in-1 Router/AP/Range Extender. Universal repeater support.Router price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 5,000.00
  • ASUS RT-N12+ Router

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    ASUS RT-N12+ Router Price in Bangladesh.

  • 3G/4G Supported High Power Wireless-N300 3-in-1 Router/AP/Range Extender + 4 LAN Port 10/100Mbps + 1USB PORT for modem, printer, storage connection.Best Router Price in Bangladesh

    ৳ 7,100.00
  • ASUS RT-N800HP

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    ASUS RT-N800HP  Price in Bangladesh.